“Dear customer, welcome to our web store. We want you to feel like you are in the most beautiful wardrobe that will make all your fashion dreams come true. Just as it has made our dreams come true, dreams of starting a fashion brand for women that we have been dreaming of since we were girls.”
CHARM&S brand was founded in Zadar in 2022. and brings elegant evening and day fashion for all women in real sizes. We want to satisfy the tastes and desires of our customers, but also not to forget about our planet. Everyday we make sure that our clothes are created from the finest materials, in fits and sizes that our customers will wear for a long time. In this way, we help the sustainability of the fashion industry, reduce fashion waste and CO2 emissions in the production and destruction of surpluses.
Behind the CHARM&S brand stand Maja Živković and Sandi Babić, longtime friends and fashion lovers. They decided to launch their fashion brand right now, in 2022., with strong desire to offer the market an awakened elegance and femininity, after a period of dormant fashion as a consequence of world events from 2019. to 2022.